Step 2 Setup Credentials

In this secure form we collect all of the information, credentials and files that we need in order to perform the evaluation, start your strategy and take the next steps as your Chief Marketing Officer. Please take your time in answering the questions and uploading the appropriate documents. We review everything we see carefully, thoroughly and will use all applicable information in our plan moving forward together.
This information is secure and confidential, and will not be used for any other purpose other than creating your strategy, growing your business and getting to know you better.
This form auto saves the information that you entered. Please feel free to come back at a later time to finish the form.




    Please add [email protected] to your Google Analytics account. Instructions and a link to Google, is here.

    Please add [email protected] to your Google AdWords account. Please give us "Admin" access. Instructions how to accomplish this with Google Ads, is here.

    Please give us direct Content Management System (CMS) login credentials to your website, and any other relevant landing pages used for marketing purposes.

    Please give [email protected] "admin" access your Facebook page. More information and instructions here.

    If you have an existing Facebook Advertising account through the Business Manager, please give [email protected] "admin" access your Facebook Ad Account. More information here.

    Please give us login credentials to your Blog account.

    Please give us login credentials to your Constant Contact, Send Grid, Mailchimp or Email Marketing account.

    Please upload your high resolution logo and source file here.

    Collateral Design (Business Cards, Letterhead, Folders, Stationary, etc).


    If you have a company or Branch YTD P&L, please upload here.



    Share your ideas behind your brand, what it stands for, and what you want people to think when they see your brand.

    Links to any Sales Funnels or Landing Pages, you?d like us to review.

    When a lead hits your CRM, what happens from there? How do you think it can improve? Please describe in detail.

    How can your Loan Officers time be better spent? Where are your Loan Officers wasting most of their time?

    When you add a new Loan Officer into the company, what is the new process from training to integrating them into your team?

    How do you feel about your current online reputation? Please send links of any negative reviews or items you may want to suppress or remove.

    Have you put forth any effort towards local, regional or national SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If so, please upload your latest report here.

    If not, please describe where your company stands with SEO.


    How do you currently Recruit Loan Officers? Would you like a plan to recruit more loan Officers?

    How do you currently recruit referral partners like Real Estate agents? Please describe your strategy here.

    Do you blog or do any sort of content marketing? Please describe and send us links.

    Please describe, in detail, your existing marketing, your strategy/thoughts behind it, and if available its ?average? metrics such as cost per lead, cost per funded unit, ROI and any opportunities you see for improvement.

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