Social Media Platforms to Leverage for Mortgage Lenders

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Believe it or not, every type of business is marketable?even and especially those directed towards home buyers. A website may suffice, and it?s certainly a must-have on your marketing strategy, but social media advertising for mortgage brokers is where you?ll get to make personal connections with potential buyers. Below we?ll list the five most popular social media platforms that you can leverage and the benefits and disadvantages of each one.


Easily the most used social media platform in the world, Facebook isn?t the photo-sharing and status-updating network it used to be. With over 2 billion users globally, millions of adults are likely to be on the hunt for a new home, especially with the rise of Facebook Marketplace.

Simply create a business account, set up a page, and start selling. You?ll do best to filter your target audience by location and age and create directed Facebook ads in order to generate leads. For optimum performance, split test your ads with every new campaign.


Instagram is an excellent marketplace for first-time buyers. Riddled with younger demographics, most Instagram users are under the age of 35. Instagram?s best features are its photo and video-sharing capabilities, which you can use to showcase property features and highlights. It will also give you the opportunity to gather early feedback using its story function.


Home to 325 million users, Twitter is the mastermind platform behind hashtags. Do keyword research in order to ensure that your Twitter marketing campaign is effective. Use large-volume hashtags like #realestate and combine them with more targeted hashtags that might refer to your location or company (i.e. #californiahomes). The best use of Twitter is to provide followers with updates on new openings, promotions, or discounts.


Though mainly used to connect professionals with larger networks and career opportunities, LinkedIn is now space for experts to share valuable knowledge about their industry. The more you stand out as an entity with unique solutions and a source for meaningful information, the greater you?ll grow your following and reinforce your level of authority. Plus, you?ll get the opportunity to make professional connections with referral partners and work with other mortgage lenders or home inspection experts.


Something of an online mood board, Pinterest can be a tricky platform to navigate. It plays to a more specific focus and target demographic and is used primarily to display infographics and other visuals. Upload photos of your real estate here and showcase its best, most attractive features. Who knows? You might end up on someone?s board.


Ideally, you?ll want to market your business on at least 2 different social media platforms. Assign specific roles to each platform you choose to leverage. You can use Facebook, for example, to provide users with comprehensive information on a real estate opening and how they can get in contact with you.

You can then repurpose this bit of content on Instagram to showcase photos of this specific opening. Remember, repurposing content can be an excellent way to leverage your channels if you?re tight on time and budget.

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