Marketing Yourself as a Mortgage Broker: Effective Lead Generation Tactics

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Any business can be marketed and how well you position yourself on a digital landscape of millions will determine the quality of your leads. In an era when shopping for homes is as easy as browsing an online catalog or scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, it’s important that your broker business stands out. To enhance your mortgage leads, take a look at these high-generating tactics that you can easily incorporate into your overall marketing strategy.

Prioritize powerful content

Not only does well-crafted content provide visitors with the information they need, but it also sets you apart as an industry leader and builds trust with first-time readers. By giving visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your content, it also allows you to access their contact information.

Of the content a mortgage broker should leverage, a blog is your best option. Here, you can publish information about common industry problems and how to solve them, as well as house-shopping tips. You can also supplement your blog with infographics, videos, and newsletters.

Zero in on your niche

Regardless of how well-established your business is online, you can’t sell to everyone. Hence, pinpointing your specialty and focusing on marketing that aspect of your business will help leads to spot you amongst a highly competitive market.

If you’re highly knowledgeable in a specific loan program, have credible stories to tell regarding your business, are informative and educational in a more engaging way than your competitors, always take advantage of it! If the opportunity presents itself, write and contribute to local magazines or online publications.

Use social media

If your business has an existing social media page that is gathering dust, it’s time to revive it. Your content doesn’t have to remain on your website. In fact, you’re likely to achieve a larger reach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It’s also easier for your audience to make meaningful contributions by means of comments, likes, and shares.

Consider publishing short, introductory videos, and offering advice to first-time homebuyers. You can post photos of your listings and closings and create a tight-knit community of peers and buyers.

Explore local listings

If you aren’t yet on a local directory, Google My Business is where you want to be. For this, you won’t need the help of a mortgage lead agency. You can simply sign up and fill in your updated information to help your business show up on local search results.

Take every review seriously

While positive reviews can do wonders for your lead generation, ignoring negative reviews can do the exact opposite. How you publicly respond to these reviews will give new prospects insight into your problem-solving capabilities. Similarly, let customers know where you can be found online, this can be done by links in the email signature, or with Yelp & Google badges on your website.

Advertise your services

Ranking organically is always an impressive feat for any business but social media advertising and pay-per-click promotions can take your business a long way. You can also take advantage of discovery platforms and work on retargeting ads that were successful in the past.

Create and send mailers

Developing partnerships with peers can be just as rewarding as enticing new customers. By making contact online or via open house events, you can collaborate with powerful real estate agents and diversify your referral sources.


There is always more than one way to market your mortgage business but doing it right is the key to success. Pick two or three strategies that you can develop fully and build from there.

For mortgage marketing services that guarantee results, work with us at Exclusive Marketing Agency! Whether you’re building from the ground up or working on an existing campaign, we’ll see to it that you get the results you deserve.

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