Marketing Mistakes Financial Advisors Make and How to Avoid Them

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Growing professionally as a financial advisor is all about the experience it took to get to where you are. From learning the financial chops to marketing itself, learning from mistakes is a valuable process that sharpens your skills. However, there are some instances where you cannot always rely on the method of trial and error to learn these necessary skills. Imagine if your marketing could develop more intentionally without unnecessary error. Knowing some common major mistakes to avoid along with the expertise of a brand marketing agency can set you on the right track when marketing your firm. Here are some to watch out for.

1. Marketing Without a Plan

Marketing and promoting your firm without a solid plan on how you want to approach it might just turn out to be a waste of time. It’s more effective to market purposefully rather than casting a wide net and hoping some lucky clients will swim into it. Every penny you invest in your marketing should return with some tangible result, whether it’s generating new leads or getting more engagements on social media. 

Marketing plans will not only help you refine and clarify your goals, but it will also help you communicate your services clearly for the target clientele. A plan will also enable you to measure your progress towards these goals and tie them back to the overall business objective. It may take time and plenty of effort, but developing a plan and executing it will pay off in the long run. 

2. Lacking a Differentiator

Marketing to a wide audience with a CFP® just isn’t enough of a differentiator anymore if all your competitors carry the same certificate. Understand your brand essence and market to a specific niche, capitalizing on what truly sets you apart from the competition, otherwise referred to as the unique value proposition. This allows the right audience to see why they should choose you over other financial advisors. Spending some time to identify your differentiator and knowing the niche that responds to it will allow you to focus your marketing efforts on targeted messaging. It’s a common misconception that narrowing the group of people you market to means losing clients, but the opposite is actually true since you also end up marketing to others who aren’t a good fit in the first place. Get a clear idea of your niche and target your market purposefully.

3. Not Having a Good Website 

Any SEO agency you work with will stress the importance of having a website. Most, if not all, your potential clients will search for you on the web before even consider contacting you directly. If you aren’t easily searchable on the web, then you risk losing more clients than ever in this digital age to a competitor who has one up and running. 

Moreover, you must develop a good website. These days, there is just no room for poorly done websites with so many tools at your disposal, not to mention the expert agencies that can provide you with that service. The second any of your prospects view your website, they’ll have a good idea whether your firm is right for them or if they ought to check out another competitor’s site.

Build your website to create a positive impression, one that answers the needs of your clientele. Potential customers should feel that they can trust you and that your specific brand can help with their most pressing pain points. Work with your agency to focus on UX and UI while keeping your brand essence consistent. Building a compelling and navigable website is just one part of it. Your identity as a brand also needs to be crystal clear.


There are glaring marketing mistakes that many independent financial advisors can fall victim to. While making mistakes is part of the learning experience, understanding what to avoid can save you plenty of time and money for your marketing strategies. By planning out your marketing strategy, setting up a quality website, and targeting your niche, you’re more likely to succeed in marketing your firm and getting more clients. Learn what to do and what not to do, and you’ll market your way to the top!

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