Marketing 101: Creating a Strategy for Mortgage Businesses

Online mortgage marketing is the key to the success of a mortgage provider for various reasons. For one, a solid online mortgage marketing strategy will enable lenders to communicate with prospects before deciding to act, whether for a purchase, refinance, or product. This, in turn, pushes the business closer towards the forefront of the industry—which allows them to be seen by even more prospects.

While this may seem pretty simple in theory, creating a marketing strategy for your business may be more complex when brought into action. That’s why many businesses tend to rehash existing strategies used by their competitors in order to at least maintain the same footing in the market.

To give you a better idea of how to approach this, keep reading our short guide below.

What Are Your Digital Marketing Objectives?

Whether you’re a mortgage marketer or a loan officer seeking strategies to grow your business, your plan should align with your business’s objectives. When considering this, remember two major factors:

Effective plans will boost conversion rates. Make sure you note metrics on closings, leads acquired, and conversions of prospects into bank customers to track your progress.

Consider the bigger picture too. If you’re creating a marketing plan for each agent, then remember to focus on each of their personal values and then mesh them in with your overall company’s outlook. That way, you paint a cohesive picture that will surely attract future customers!

If you’re not sure how to factor in your business’s values, then consider these two metrics:

Community Support Value

You can create a compelling monthly message that showcases your company’s sponsorship of a non-profit or your team’s involvement in the community that you live and work in. Instead of blasting a monthly email blast to potential customers, consider sharing stories on your company’s blog or social media to showcase your support for the community.

Customer Service Value

Enhance your message by telling clients of your availability. Making contacting you easy through automated services and 24/7 chat support will definitely increase your customer service value. In turn, this will build trust with your current clients and all your prospects looking through your website. When you show you’re dedicated to their needs, they’ll reply in turn with their loyalty to your business!

A Note on Marketing Your Mortgage Business Online

People seeking a mortgage are not only looking for a product; they’re also looking for someone who can guide them through a major financial decision. When marketing your mortgage business, remember that trust and reliability are two attributes you want to convey. 

When you’re running paid ads, creating content for social media, or sending out email campaigns, remember: your primary goal is to show your customers that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable. 


By setting clear, specific goals for yourself, you motivate yourself and everyone else on your marketing team—offering everyone a clear direction to follow and an action plan that fully supports your goals! If you’re still lost on how to approach this effort, then approaching a digital marketing agency specializing in the mortgage and lending industry is your best option!

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