How to Grow Referrals with Insurance Email Marketing

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Most people today do not see the value of email marketing in growing their business. They do not know that by implementing the right strategy for this marketing opportunity, they can bring their business to greater heights. That said, email marketing will always be a vital tool for insurance companies and agents. 

Email marketing gives insurance providers the opportunity to reach out to people genuinely interested in knowing about their products. It is a great medium to exchange quality information between them and potential policyholders. It is a platform they can personalize and use whenever necessary. 

Moreover, email marketing gives a high return on investment. According to IBM, these marketing materials have an average open rate of almost 18 percent across all industries. For financial services, these emails have an 18.23 percent open rate and a 2.72 percent click-through rate. 

If you need some help improving your email marketing campaign’s performance, here are some proven methods that you can try:

#1: Focus on helping, not selling

If you want to capture more people’s interest, learn how to sell your purpose. Instead of bombarding them with your packages and offers, try to focus on identifying the value of what you provide. The idea is to be less sales-y and more helpful. Remember that your goal is to make potential customers feel inspired, entertained, and later on, understand the importance of the products you are selling. 

The more they see the value of your products and company, the more they will become interested in purchasing them for themselves or their loved ones.

#2: Be timely

Another effective method is to align your content topic with current events. If a celebration is approaching, find a way to connect it with your product and your audience. There are always seasonal events to watch out for: the new year, fire-prevention week, the back-to-school season, heart month, the holiday season, and many more. Send out some tips or helpful information that they can use for the season, then smoothly tie in your product to create a connection.

#3: Optional: Offer a referral reward

You can also host an exciting project through email marketing, like promos or referral contests, but make sure to do it moderately. The last thing you would want is people abusing your offer only to get leads that will not convert. You want to target those interested people who will get rewards because of their genuine curiosity about your products. You can give monetary rewards, incentives, gadgets, or gift cards―anything that may catch their interest and make them spread the good word about your offerings.

To make it more effective, make sure to add brand-building mechanics, like requiring people to send in their email address, like your social media pages, or any other tactic to grow your following. The more people who can see your content, the more chances you can convert them into policyholders.

#4: Follow a content plan

Another essential thing to implement is consistency. Email marketing will not require you to create content every day, but if you follow a specific schedule, remember to stay consistent with it. By following an email schedule, you can build your relationship with your contact list. It is also a way of keeping your communication lines open for any potential prospect. Planning your content can help you monitor things better.


Not everyone is looking for insurance, but if you find the right people and use the suitable marketing mediums, you can grow your connections and eventually grow your business. Follow these recommendations to help you improve your email marketing campaign. Do not forget to review your performance to know how else you can improve. 

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