A Mortgage Broker’s Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies

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In comparison with most fields of work today, the craft of mortgage brokering is one that requires far more hats to be worn with a smaller margin of error.

While it may not require as much time in school as a medicine or law degree, the majority of the learning experience that comes with being a mortgage broker isn?t exactly for everyone. From the moment you pick up your certification and close your first sale to the time you start managing multiple properties, every part of the experience calls for proper preparation.

As difficult as the process of following this professional can be, there?s one aspect of handling mortgages for a living that bears quite a bit more difficult: Digital marketing.

The challenge of marketing oneself online

When the topic of digital marketing comes to mind, most bear the assumption that there isn?t much to worry about because the majority of key practices can be learned online. Although it may be true that this key practice can be learned by going through different videos and guides, the difficulty that many brokers face is due to two key concepts:

  1. The highly-competitive online atmosphere which is embodied by a growing amount of mortgage brokers
  2. The importance of choosing the right strategies and tools to invest your resources in

If you?ve been facing this problem, then you may have spent quite a bit of time trying to find other ways to approach the challenge and make things work. Out of all the different ways to overcome the hurdle of coming up with a solid digital marketing strategy, none could possibly be more conducive than working with the right types of marketing to make everything work!

Digital marketing strategies that every mortgage broker should adopt

Although there are many ways to carry out a digital marketing strategy, here are three specific marketing methods that are far more appropriate for the average mortgage broker?s needs:

1. Email marketing

While it may not be the newest topic when it comes to cutting-edge strategies, email marketing has proved itself to be an essential aspect of any broker?s strategy. Emails are an essential resource and form of communication that you should invest your time in creating because of how well they paint details accurately and keep a conversation going. Instead of solely relying on cold calls to get your offer across, an email sequence can help draw in more interest and fetch more results in no time!

2. SEO Marketing

As a commonly used method for a successful online endeavor, Search Engine Optimization is often seen as a difference-maker between continued success and falling short from one?s full potential.

With its location-specific targeting abilities and specificity, SEO marketing can help you connect to a pool of willing customers with cash on hand without wasting time on a general approach. By pairing your website and social media pages with a strong set of keywords and a solid strategy, you can draw in more inquiries and sales opportunities quickly!

3. Social media advertising

Given that the number of people on social networking sites and platforms continues to grow each day, it?s understood that any digital marketing strategy should contain a well-built advertising plan.

As the world of social media continues to increase, businesses and mortgage brokers that are smart enough to build their presence online have been able to rake in much more profit than ever. Regardless of whether you?re looking to post promos, AMAs, raffles, or competitions, the opportunity to do even more with your digital marketing is full-on social media!


Digital marketing has helped many businesses grow and succeed over the years. By utilizing a solid digital marketing strategy, you can build your online presence well enough to net more profits and close deals, especially if you take all the right marketing into consideration!

We?re a digital marketing agency in San Diego that helps brokers find their voice online and stand out for better business and success in the long run. Give us a call today to see how we can start helping you build your strategy for success!

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