3 Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Financial Blog Posts

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Competition is fiercer than ever before in this digitally-driven landscape, and the financial industry is not exempted from this rising challenge. Running a website and posting high-quality content such as financial blog posts can help strengthen your online presence, but you also need to bolster your clicks by leveraging digital solutions like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a powerful tool for financial advisors since their market already searches for relevant firms with higher intentions, so you only need to leverage this opportunity to catapult your firm ahead of the competition. 

With that in mind, boosting your blog posts’ ranking should enhance your business’s visibility in search results. With higher rankings, your prospective clients will find it easier to discover your services.

Simple Ways to Achieve Higher Ranking Blog Posts 

Tip #1: Be Sure the Blog Articles are Relevant, Easy to Digest, Yet Highly Informative 

Blogging should play a big part in your content marketing strategy since it’s one of the most straightforward mediums that encapsulates all relevant information about your business. Some can focus on how-to guides, financial tips from pros, and other topics, but the key is to share content relevant to your market’s needs, interests, and pain points. 

Don’t hesitate to go in-depth on a granular topic, especially since Google prioritizes blog posts that prove to be informative, engaging, and compelling. Typically, blog posts with 1,800 to 2,400 words are the sweet spot that indicates your content doesn’t hold back in details. 

Tip #2: Bolster Your Message Using Eye-Catching Visuals

There’s nothing more boring than looking into large blocks of text. No matter how helpful your content may be, integrating high-resolution images to support your text can do wonders for strengthening your message’s impact. 

You can play around with other media such as videos, infographics, graphic illustrations, or even podcasts, allowing you to “say a thousand words” with just one powerful imagery in your blog post. Don’t forget to include alternative text tags (alt-text) to your media files so you can insert high-ranking keywords to boost your SEO. 

Tip #3: Make Your Blog Post Easier to Read by Adding Sections 

It can be confusing to read long-form texts, especially when the topic is as complex as financial management, mortgage, or loan processes. While visuals can help bolster your message and break things apart, you can promote a more seamless reading experience by breaking your content into different sections using H1, H2, or H3 tags. 

The Bottom Line: How A Better Ranking for Your Blog Posts can Increase Your Financial Website’s Visibility 

Modern businesses can no longer expand and reach a wide audience without a solid online presence, proving that the world has fully embraced the digital transformation. The recent pandemic has only fast-tracked the shift as a significant portion of the workforce went remote, which means your business needs to go digital or risk going bust. 

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