3 Marketing Tactics for Mortgage Companies during COVID-19

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COVID-19 has affected every business industry negatively in more ways than one. This applies even to the mortgage industry, where the coronavirus has made business quite volatile. People are stuck trying to figure out whether or not now is the best time to buy a home. Fortunately, despite what is going on, there are some things you can do as a mortgage provider to continue doing business, and they all lie in your marketing strategies.

Here are the COVID-19 marketing strategies to keep your mortgage firm alive and thriving:

Optimize the visuals

Humans are visual creatures, and they can tell quite easily if something is amiss. Anything from inconsistencies to mistakes is obvious to your customers and can hurt your reputation quite considerably. For that reason, you must be careful when utilizing visuals. 

Spend some time looking at your marketing materials. Pay close attention to the design and voice of it all. Note any inconsistencies, if any, and ensure the right individuals address them. A good way to ensure everything is consistent is to create a template that anyone can use. You can greatly minimize issues and problems this way. You can ensure that your marketing efforts are consistent.

Feel and sound human

Remember that someone looking for a mortgage is essentially looking for a way to purchase a roof over their head. As such, homebuyers want to work with a provider that understands that need closely. A good way to prove that you are not a bunch of robots who only care about money is to sound human in your marketing efforts. This means sounding as if you are conversing with someone else casually and warmly. Avoid talking about the numbers only and focus more on how your solutions can benefit your audience!

Implement digital marketing

If you are already implementing offline marketing tactics such as billboards, posters, and the like, that is great. Some people may know about your mortgage services. But if you really want to maximize your efforts, go digital. In the digital world, not only is it easier for you to reach people, but there are so many more you can reach. 

Platforms like social media are home to millions of people who go online every day. It is the perfect place to market your offerings. As such, be sure to implement digital marketing strategies if you have not already. Do not forget to set up your website so that customers can learn more about you and possibly even opt for your offerings.


With these tips, you can ensure that your mortgage services are known to your audience despite the pandemic. After all, you can bring them a solution that motivates them to buy a home.

That being said, marketing is not an easy task. You need to put in a lot of effort, time, and money to get it right. We recommend working with expert marketing agencies to assist you in your ventures. That way, you could collaborate with professionals who know what works and what does not, ensuring you employ the best strategies to help you survive and thrive in these challenging times.

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