3 Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as an Insurance Agent

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As an insurance agent, you may have a hard time dealing with internet marketing due to the tough competition in the industry and potential clients being suspicious of insurance pitches. You must come up with smart strategies to set yourself apart from other agents and avoid any wasted online marketing expenditure. To achieve that, you must familiarize yourself first with the common internet marketing mistakes you should avoid, which are the following:

1. Implementing ineffective website strategies

Setting up a personal website is a bad idea if you are part of a corporate website structure. It will confuse your potential clients and search engines as to which website they should use for inquiries, which can lead to declines in leads and website traffic. 

Avoid implementing ineffective website strategies and prioritize optimizing your website in terms of conversion optimization, usability, and search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, make sure to come up with fresh, engaging, and relevant content to encourage your readers to visit your website regularly and help them find the information they need as fast as possible. Finally, make sure your website is accessible to all mobile devices.

Let our brand marketing agency in San Diego help you come up with website strategies that deliver results. No matter what type of insurance you provide, we can handle all your needs under one roof. We specialize in branding, brand messaging, collateral design, insurance lead generation, logo design, social ads, and more.

2. Underestimating the power of email marketing

You may think that emails are outdated, but incorporating them into your marketing efforts is an excellent idea, especially for insurance agencies. When handled properly, email marketing can promote lead generation, relationship strengthening, and credibility building. 

Many insurance agencies mishandle email marketing. For instance, they come on too weak or too strong. You must learn to find the balance in providing useful information to your prospects and clients, keeping their skepticism in mind, and providing them with ways to interact with you or inquire about what you offer.

Invest in a quality email management platform to give your emails a professional look and help you analyze your results easily. Make sure to stay consistent with your marketing and avoid starting and stopping your marketing campaign randomly.

3. Failing to track and measure your results

Online marketing campaigns should be tracked and measured to monitor the results and capture the right data. By reviewing the information regularly, you can see which marketing campaigns are generating leads, which ones are performing poorly and must be improved accordingly, and how many leads are being generated.

When doing your online marketing campaign tracking, don’t overlook phone leads. Make sure to trace any phone inquiry back to the source and separate your phone and form leads from non-leads. This way, you can accurately estimate the results of your campaigns. You can seek help from our SEO agency in San Diego for expert assistance to accomplish this.


With the various challenges you encounter as an insurance agent, internet marketing can be challenging to figure out. Some effective ways to build your online presence successfully is to remember the mistakes listed above, avoid them at all costs, and partner with a reliable agency like us that specializes in marketing for insurance companies and agents.

Propel your business forward and reach potential clients by hiring our digital marketing agency in San Diego. We offer insurance marketing services nationwide. Schedule a call today!

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